About our laboratory

Academic staff in our Laboratory are engaged in a broad array of research activities, primarily in the field of stereocontrolled organic synthesis.

Our studies cover a variety of research fields, such as multi-step target synthesis of biologically active compounds of potential therapeutic application, investigation of supramolecular and dynamic combinatorial chemistry.



We also engage in the development of new catalysts and new enantioselective reaction methodologies. Since many of our research projects are motivated by the biological functions and medicinal relevance of the developed compounds, we use molecular modeling and docking experiments to design promising drug candidates. We closely collaborate with Polish and foreign scientific institutions to perform biological testing of the synthesized compounds. 


Below is a brief overview of our ongoing research in the Laboratory.

Areas of scientific activity

  1. Synthesis of steroid hormones agonists and antagonists

  2. Design, synthesis and evaluation of cytotoxic properties of structurally modified vitamin D compounds

  3. Synthesis and application of new chiral Lewis acids

  4. High-pressure activation of enantioselective organocatalytic reactions

  5. Asymmetric synthesis of fluoroorganic compounds

  6. Development of enantioselective methods for the construction of quaternary stereogenic center

  7. Asymmetric hydrogenation and tetrasubstituted alkenes synthesis as tools in preparation of biologically active compounds

  8. Achmatowicz rearrangement of optically active α,β-unsaturated alcohols and amines as a tool in the synthesis of biologically active compounds

  9. Synthesis of steroid transition metal complexes as potential anticancer drugs

  10. Dynamic combinatorial chemistry of imines

  11. Supramolecular systems of “molecular walkers”

  12. Photochemistry of polyenes

  13. Spontaneous emergence of solid state chirality in achiral systems